Amazing mountainviewVacation in front of slopes

2019.12.01 [Dec]


ROOMS 4 room types with Mountain view

Wooden floor and japanese tatami.
All 4rooms have view on Tateyam mountains.
Spend a relaxing time with slendid landscape.
Our property don’t have Onsen or bathtub.
All the rooms have private shower room.

KITCHEN & Shared Space

For long terme or short terme stay, feel free to use the shared kitchen

TYPE【A】2beds & 1futon
TYPE【C】4beds & 2futons
TYPE【D】2beds & 1futon


Property information
propery name Lift in Hakuba
Adress 〒399-9211 Nagano-ken,Kitaazumi-gun, Hakuba-mura,Kamishiro22186-2
Number of rooms 4
Accomodation type Room and shared space without hotel service
Shower room All the rooms have private shower room without bathtub. There are some Onsens near the property, accessible by car or by walk.
Check-in 3pm-9pm
Check-out 11am
Luggage storage before check-in Please contact us for late check-in
Payment Credit/Debit Card or Cash
Cancellation policy Before 72h:none
after 24h:100%
Others We are not responsible for any loss or theft of valuables and thank you for your understanding. In the event that any resources and shared facilities or shared space , equipment, or any other property are damaged or destroyed through misuse or negligence by guest, we may make the required repairs or replacement of damaged property and shall provide guest with an invoice representing the reasonable loss. Sorry, our best friend animals could not stay.


〒399-9211 Nagano-ken,Kitaazumi-gun, Hakuba-mura,Kamishiro22186-2

Public transport

・From Tokyo station by Shinkansen

Tokyo stat. ⇨ Hokuriku-Shinkansen ⇨ Nagano stat. ⇨ Express Bus ⇨ Nagano-Hakuba line ⇨ Hakuba Goryu ski resort

・From Shinjuku stat. by Limited Express Azusa

Shinjuku stat.⇨ Matumoto stat. (Azusa Limited Express) ⇨ Ooito line ⇨ Kamishiro stat. ⇨ Free shuttle bus(Dec-Mar only winter season) or 1.6km by walk or taxi⇨ Hakuba Goryu ski resort

・From Shin-Osaka by Shinkansen & Limited Express Shinano

Shin-Osaka stat. ⇨ Tokaido-Shinkansen Nagoya stat. ⇨ Lim.E.Shinano Matumoto stat. ⇨ Ooito line Kamishiro stat. ⇨Free shuttle bus(Dec-Mar only winter season) or 1.6km by walk or taxi ⇨ Hakuba Goryu ski resort

By private car

・By Kanetu high way from Tokyo

Tokyo⇨ Kanetu HW  Fujioka JCT.⇨ Jyoshinetu HW Nagano IC ⇨ NR 19 ⇨ Hakuba Goryu ski resort

・By Chuou high way from Tokyo

Tokyo⇨Chuou HW Okaya JCT.⇨ Nagano HW Azumino IC. ⇨ NR148 ⇨Hakuba Goryu ski resort

・By Chuou high way from Osaka

Osaka⇨ Meishin HW Komaki JCT.⇨ Chuou HW Okaya JCT.⇨Nagano HW Azumino IC⇨NR148⇨Hakuba Goryu ski resort

・By Hokuriku high way from Osaka

Osaka⇨Meishin HW Maihara JCT.⇨ Hokuriku HW⇨ Itoigawa IC ⇨RN 148⇨ Hakuba Goryu ski resort